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j66 + Co
A Digital Product Development
Strategy Consultancy

We Are Storybuilders

j66 + Co is a Digital Product Development Strategy Consultancy. We selectively accept client projects and develop in-house product ideas.

What We Think
Our Philosophy

j66 + Co's philosophy starts with a thesis that revolves around spotting changing social behavior.

First and foremost, we look to always keep our eye on the big picture. What direction is the world heading? How is the landscape changing? Is there a market need opportunity opening up?

In both the global macro-economic as well as micro-economic market landscapes, what social trends are starting to form globally?

With a diverse pool of talent, our team of consultants in their respective areas of expertise meet regularly to update each other on the latest happenings in their industry.

We're looking to identify market shifts before they happen.

Our Objective
Our Objective . Our Goal

Our goal is to deliver solutions. Our approach, though unique for each product and creative campaign, holds true to our core philosophy. Identify and strategically position around changing social behavior.

  • Product . We identify shifting market opportunities . Position
  • Campaign . Clarify true client needs . Concept Discovery
  • R&D j66labs . Freedom to dream and imagine . Idea exploration

Strategy . insight . foresight . analysis

These are the differentiating qualities the j66 + Co talent pool bring to the table.

Our diverse, collaborative team of expert consultant's focus is on success. Our goal is to achieve desired results.

How We Work
How We Work . Our Process

It all starts with the relationship between the client and agency. For us, working with clients who are fully engaged in the creative process leads to the best results.

j66 + Co's six step process to Campaign and Product idea development

  • Spot changing social behavior.
  • Position in front of this identified changing social behavior.
  • Create a distinct branding image and message.
  • Position product accordingly to target the desired demographic.
  • Design a strategy to creatively harness the Mobile app and Internet ecosystem, the merging of physical and digital worlds, to break through the noise, achieve objectives.
  • Promote . Market . Deliver

Based in Santa Monica, we look forward to working with you making your ideas come to life.

R&D j66labs
R&D j66labs . Product Exploration

j66labs is the R&D product exploration and development shop of j66 + Co.

The mobile dev shop houses alpha projects in development through beta, as well as idea exploration for product prototype development.

This is the testing ground where anything goes.


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